Ferngully’s New Toy

There is something about a hammock. It transcends any other outdoor seating/laying arrangement. A hammock is resplendent and whimsical in an outdoor space. And Ferngully just had to have one.

Even in a buggy oasis, a hammock adds a bit of tolerance. We purchased this particular hammock stand. It’s “portable” and comes with a carrying case and a beverage holder/stand for a book or your phone. We like it for what it is. I don’t foresee it being any more portable than one with screws. This thing has as many parts as a free standing elliptical. But I am excited that it travels and I hope to take it on a few adventures.

We have a bar hammock made of rope. We also have a wooden stand, but someone misplaced the screws (I’ll give you a hint, it was a guy who collects screws and stores them in old pretzel containers). Until we get the house in order and finish a few of the ongoing projects inside, will we then worry about finding the pieces to the permanent hammock that holds two!

Our hammock does not fit this portable stand. I’m hard-pressed to think a standard hammock will not fit this stand. I purchased one from Wal-Mart for $20. It was still waaaay too long. So I knotted each end and it seemed to work very well. The hammock is more of a bean pod now and gives you a little more security as it cradles you. Not ideal for a severely claustrophobic person. It’s a nice hug! If I were to purchase this again, I would personally choose this one. (Update: I realized we put the hooks on the wrong side and is the reason the hammock didn’t fit– sometimes, I wonder if we are, in fact, “alright”). 🙂

A hammock could easily be hung between two trees, but not everyone has two trees accessible. All of our trees in our ideal hang out spot are spaced too far apart. This hammock stand is a great alternative, in my opinion. I like to extend my arm and push it against the caddy holder and rock myself. I could easily sleep in one of these things. I know the baby has a few times… supervised, of course!


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