Happy Simplicity Day!!!

We’ve been MIA these last two weeks. On the go, but constantly learning! In honor of today’s “holiday” here is a picture of some beautiful West Virginian trees from a hike in the woods. I look at the trees and automatically feel more grounded.

Simplicity Day

What do you need to do become a little less hectic? For not only today, but the rest of this week, or this month, or even this summer? GO. DO. IT!

For me, it’s staring at some trees (I know, I am a freak).  I love hiking arboretum trails. Being submerged in nature is what keeps me going; helps me reconnect; reminds me that no matter how much life throws your way, you can always escape here. The trees know how to just be. They’re nothing particularly fancy. They are just. A reminder of something simple. As is this post… a very simple one.

Happy Simplicity Day! Now, put your phone down. Go outside. Hug your kids, your neighbor, or your pet. Do nothing. Or do something! Take that box to the donation bin in an effort to declutter your physical space. I’ll see you soon! Xoxo!

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