Almond Milk – Easier To Make Than You Think!

People get weirded the eff out when I tell them that I make my own almond milk. Not sure why. They are not my people. And if you are perusing this blog, then maybe you can be my person. Welcome! We like you already!

Ah, milk. As I get older, I notice how much it truly hates my guts… literally. And finding a carton of almond milk or creamer that isn’t chock full of emulsifiers and thickening agents is impossible to come by. Now, enough talk, let’s get to the kitchen!

Here’s what you need- almonds, water, a blender, a jar or bowl, and a nut milk bag (don’t giggle– ok, do. It’s hysterical to say!). That’s it! That’s all you need.

Add almonds to blender. Add as many as you want. They can be sliced, blanched, or whole. If you are using almonds with skins, it is recommended to soak them overnight or even to steam them and blanch them yourself. Personally, I keep this bag in bulk in my cupboard as we use almonds quite a bit in this house. No soaking required.

Add water to blender. Add less water for a creamier beverage. Spring water is preferred.

Optional– add sweetener and vanilla. A few pitted dates or even (MY FAVORITE) add a TBS of maple cream (it’s reheated, thickened maple syrup). It makes it taste sinfully delicious.

Blend. Liquefy. Crush. Whatever that “go” word is on your Margarita device, just push it!

Once blended, strain into the nut milk bag over a jar or a bowl. Squeeze the liquid out of the bag. Really use up all of your frustration here. It’s kind of therapeutic and fun to do. Store the liquid in a jar in the fridge (get a cute container, even). Shake before use (it’s going to separate and that is ok). You can add more water later if you’d like or transfer enough for coffee creamer and add water to the rest as milk. Use within a week. Rotting almonds smells like a rotting wound. You don’t want that in your fridge.

THAT’S IT! It’s easy to do and tastes fantastic!

As for the leftover meal or pulp (called different things if there is the almond skin– who knew?) you can add it to oatmeal (or other carbohydrate wonderfulness like pancake batter or bread), dry it out and make crackers, feed it to your ducks (if you have any)– just don’t let it go to waste. Almonds are not cheap!

Happy blending!!!





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  1. Chris Goodchild says:

    Hi. Thank you for this short but to the point article. I live in Ibiza, Spain, am about to retire and have bought a property on the mainland near Valencia with some thirty almond trees on it. I have just been over there for the last week sorting out water problems and was surprised to see this year has been a bumper year for almonds, a large tub of which I have brought home, one tree has lost a large bough due to the weight of nuts on it.
    Anyway my point is that I like milk but like almond milk more after your article I will definitely be making my own almond milk, also I am a carpenter and beeswax combined with almond oil makes a fantastic dressing for things like olive wood platters so my next google will be for how to make almond oil.
    You are duly bookmarked!
    Best regards Chris


    1. So glad to hear!!! I try to be as point driven as possible… even unintentionally.:D


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