Duck Update!

Hear ye, hear ye! I’d like to announce that we have 2 drakes and 2 hens here at Ferngully! Our not-so-little ducklings are now roughly 4 months old. One more month, and maybe we’ll have our first egg (fingers crossed).

IMG_20170808_153329_288These ducks do not warm up to you. Half of the time, I chase and curse them out the ravene in our backyard, baby in tow. They ate our garden, hence no fortuitous pictures of our bounty, they have given Keith pink eye on more than one occasion, they smell if things are left even remotely damp, and oh how they are messy. Days that I am pissed at them, I just think how tasty the largest one will be (slightly morbid, I know).

All in all, I think I am trying too hard. I need to treat these ducks with less affection. My cat hates affection, and ducks apparently are the same way. The only difference is my cat bites back. But they are beautiful! Especially the boys. Their plumage is impeccable. Maybe I am crazy; perhaps. Maybe it’s because I don’t recall being so close to a duck before. Their feathers are an iridescent green with black, blue, and a purplish hue. I need to bust out the fancy camera and get some real pictures of these birds.

I’m curious to see how they will continue to develop. The boys, I can tell, are instigators. They coax the girls into some shenanigans and the dumb girls blindly follow. I just hope the eggs to come will be worth the hassle. Eventually, we’ll whittle ourselves down to two hens. The duck house (post to come, I promise) is starting to get a tad crammed with four ducks.


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  1. bluedog355 says:

    We have 2 ducks & I think they are pretty awesome! Mine are not snuggly either, but the do come when called, they respond with a quack 1st so I know where they are. If I make airplane wings, they steer extremely well, and now only need one are for direction. They love to get into the kiddie pool. They do provide eggs 🙂 Later on, 2 will be less messy


    1. You have 2 hens? They seem way more calm and gentle than the drakes. One picks on the other. It’s kind of sad. :/ I just keep thinking it’s my mind’s way of justifying how tasty he will be when the time comes. 😀


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