What is Modern Day Homesteading?

Too often, I receive inquiries from others wanting to know the “WHYs” of what I am trying to accomplish (insert eye rolls– from me, because I feel many get the wrong idea about what we are trying to do).

I don’t make any money… I’m not trying to. This. Is. My. Hobby. All I have ever wanted to do is spread knowledge. Knowledge is power. I want to aspire other individuals to create, make their own, grow their own, and try to depend less on other things. That. Is. All. We purchase food and goods without ever having the slightest idea about how they are grown or made. Ever see a loofah sponge? Did you know it’s a dried out gourd? Ever see kiwis grow? They grow on vines. And don’t get me started on eggs. I have a million examples. Not saying that I am going to start growing my own loofah sponge (Although, I’d love an endless supply of scrubbies– maybe next year). There is just a lack of awareness nowadays. We limit our world by relying on mass media and depend on mass commercialism for nearly everything. And we are willing to pay for it because time is money and we are too busy wrapped up in other things.

Modern Day Homesteading is just trying to break the habit. We’re not living off grid, or out of a van (not that there is anything wrong with that– I admire you), we still have television (though it is now internet and antenna) and we still use social media. We go to the grocery store (gasp) like everyone else. We are just trying to spread an independent knowledge and offer hope that you can do so much more, and have more control with many things you consume, if you so choose. Not everyone is out to make their own soap, toothpaste, baby powder, or baby butt balm. And that’s perfectly okay, too. There are many great companies that offer high quality natural products. We just want people to be more aware and conscious about decisions when it comes to having goods and products in your home. Stop blindingly trusting!

For many years, I trusted brands (especially in skincare) because I saw their ads in magazines and on TV. I believed in their products and hoped each time I purchased a new product to get rid of my acne that it would be the holy grail of products. It never occurred to me that it was so much more than slathering something onto my face.

We trust companies too much and people not enough, including ourselves. Yes, you. You can, for example, save money on a variety of household things by switching to healthier alternatives. That is what we are all about. To aspire. To be inspired. To learn. To teach. To grow (metaphorically and literally). And most importantly, to share. To share what we know. With you. Not everyone is out to scheme the next person. There are a few good people left in this world.

Happy to be here!

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