Being a Basic Witch

As you are well aware, from having eyeballs and looking at a calendar, it is mid-October. When girls in yoga pants scream for anything pumpkin spice. And, who could blame them? Pumpkin mimics the backdrop of what’s to come! The orange glow of a bonfire, the changing colors of the leaves, the carving of faces into vegetables… all fun and comforting things! It’s a train you are either on board with or you’d rather it be over. And each year it gets more and more out of control. But, I’d like to tell you a few of my favorite pumpkin things, if you are so inclined! Now we are talking actual pumpkin… not from a can, people!


Treats… as in pie. Take the time. Bake or boil the adorable pie pumpkins. You’ll soon realize you won’t need that whipped cream come Thanksgiving and that vegetable in a pie is not as orange as when it comes from a can (when it’s in a can from a store, it usually has faux colorants and preservatives). I freaking love pumpkin pie… when it’s done the right way. Fun tip: puree and can. Can (or freeze– they freeze rather well) those pie pumpkins that are adorable decorations on your porch now when they start to slightly wilt and won’t last until the end of November. You can then store them and whip them into almost any recipe your little heart decides. Pumpkin oatmeal? Pumpkin gobs? Pumpkin roll??? A homemade pumpkin roll will get you laid… I promise!


LOOKY! I am growing one. It’s a little late to the pumpkin game, but it’s awesome.


Beer. Now there are hundreds of beers claiming to entrap the epitome that is fall. And while there are a lot of good ones, I find that Shipyard is a fan favorite… it’s loyal and has been around a long time. It started the bandwagon. However, I can only have one or two without getting what I call “iron mouth.” It’s when after two beers any further imbibing tastes like pennies. My other favorite, and I may be day drinking it as we type, is Curious Traveler Jack-O-Traveler Pumpkin Shandy. Yes. I know. I am a beer snob. But this shandy, in my humble opinion, is where it’s at. Delightfully sippable, not heavy, and overall an ass-kick to fall! In a good way! This beer makes me want to sit in front of a fire in my North Face Fleece and some Uggs… Haha. Just kidding. I don’t own either of those things.


Beauty. As in beauty products. Huh? Yes. I found a natural face mask whilst being a consumer whore and I love it. This time of year, my foundation (yep, I wear the stuff– I still have a job to look nice for) slowly starts to not match my face, my skin starts to become dry, and I need some help. Enter this lovely newfound beauty, Andalou Naturals’ Pumpkin Honey Glycolic Mask. It brightens the skin, smells freaking delicious, and does a great job at making me feel very feminine. I also have very sensitive skin and I haven’t had a reaction like I have before with other masks. I slather it on, watch an episode of Bewitched (yes, I own the box set… What?!), and remove with a wet rag (or baby wipe, depending on my level of laziness) when I am done.


Seeds. How can you forget the seeds?!?! They are a pain to clean off, but oh so worth the effort. Mix your own ingredients and bake these babies into an enticing snack. An egg white wash with your spice mixture will help it stick to the seeds. Some options to try- cinnamon and honey, sweet heat, creole/cajun, or some truffle salt!!! You can buy a big bag of them on amazon for dirt cheap with the shells removed… still working on last years.

Happy Fall!!!


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