Closing Time

As the growing season slowly comes to a close (sans these baby brussels sprouts), today we harvested our small garden, put to rest those yummy perennials, and started securing the duck area as we prep them for their first winter. Ferngully will enter a slight hibernation, but we will move our endeavors inside and craft a wild mess of treats, goodies, and gifts. Woohoo!

We will then ponder what we used to think was unquestionable. To slaughter one of the male ducks. The largest (Quackers) is a bully through and through. This doesn’t make the decision any less easy or justified, but it is an essential part of the homesteading process. Not that I have ever killed anything before. Just recently, I had to put a poor mouse out of it’s misery with a shovel (it was bloated, dying, and wincing and I was crying and singing the Circle of Life from the Lion King). I was sad for days. But those ducks are going to be extremely miserable if they stay a quartet (update: a trio… poor Tully). One guy to two gals is ideal. Two gals, was my initial dream (my dreams shattered by a freakin’ fox), but I don’t have the mental gusto to start killing all of my male ducks at once, nor the freezer space.

That being said, he is going to be the tastiest, most organic duck ever. And we will be truly thankful to be able to raise a duck in humane conditions with the utmost care, concern, and supplies. But who knows?!?! We may chicken out and fingers crossed, get two more females in a run next year.

Back to the happy side of things, what concoctions would you like to see us create? Ever wanted to know how to do something, but were afraid? We have a few ideas we are saving to do this winter, especially in the house.

Did you know that Keith can powder coat? It lasts waaay longer than trying to spray paint. And all it takes is few supplies and a toaster oven (or the oven sitting in your basement that you’ll never use for anything else ever again).

We also have a variety of projects we need to continue to do in the house. Major renovations. I think I have even lost a few friends who have judged our home after entering; yes, it’s that bad. They just don’t see the potential, I guess. Nor do they understand Keith wants to work on things himself, and major renos take a lot of money and time. And, shame on them for being judge-y.

Until then, here’s the rest of our harvest (fried green tomatoes, anyone?!?!), some herbs I need to dry, and our sad, pathetic contained garden area full of next years perennials. We confined them to one area until next growing season.

Happy Harvest!

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