Have Jars Will Travel

Thanksgiving is the major holiday that jump starts the grandiose holiday season. That also means lots and lots of traveling for many. Whilst on our Turkey Day travels, I packed an arsenal of travel products and I wanted to share their successes. Just because we are traveling, doesn’t mean we start using junk-filled, easily accessible store bought products. No. No. We make it, pack it, and bring it.

The challenge arises in finding bottles that are convenient enough for our needs. Many travel bottles are plastic and many of the products I use have some sort of essential oils in them. And from what I understand, essential oils and plastics should not mix as the oils can cause the plastic to leach (insert Mr. Yuck sticker). Enter mini drams, mini glass spray bottles, recycled essential oil containers with roller balls, silicone tubes, and mini baby food jars… I know… I know… I am a freak, but I’m not here to explain my means, ways, or reasons on why I do what I do, but to share the conveniences I have found with you.

Toothpaste – we use a simple mix of baking soda, calcium bicarbonate, and peppermint/spearmint essential oils. Good news, is that makes it a powder. And doesn’t count against your fluid ounces at the airport. You can put it in a baby food jar. And dip your brush in water or peroxide prior to brushing your teeth. I usually also rinse with peroxide and water.

Hairspray – this is my favorite! While there are a few different ways to make hairspray/beach spray (sugar vs sea salt). I enjoy the smell of this one and the beachy waves it provides. I did equal drops rosemary and lavender. I added a few drops of castor oil for shine and softness. Then added 1 part distilled water, 1 part salt and filled the rest of the bottle with vodka. Yes. Vodka. You can chug it if your family members get out of control… Ha!

Lip balm – made some pumpkin spice latte lip balm. It’s coffee infused and delicious smelling. It’s a bit softer than I’d like (might be the safflower oil), but it’s a lovely, yummy first try. I hope my family appreciates it as much as I enjoyed making it. They are always and forever my guinea pigs.

“Everything” roller – dual purpose stress reliever, moisturizer, and perfume. I love this stuff. I mix jojoba oil, maracuja oil, frankincense, myrrh, and ylang ylang together. Sometimes I add vanilla, too. It makes it more sensual.

Baby butt cream – two ingredients. A myriad of uses. Gentle Baby (young living) essential oil and coconut oil. Cures rashes, soothes skin, calms the baby. What more could you ask for?

Baby soap – I brought my sister some homemade lavender soap. It was my first hot process soap using milk. It’s very soft and moisturizing. I’ll have to find the recipe and share that with you all the next time we make soap (which, will be soon as I am running out of Christmas ideas).

Hand sanitizer – this stuff smells like a Christmas tree. I mixed pine essential oil, a dash of cinnamon oil, rubbing alcohol, glycerin, and some aloe vera gel. It’s very moisturizing.

Perfume – I didn’t need to make or bring this, but I like to treat people and introduce them to the possibility of essential oils. I filled three drams with specially crafted perfume essence for each of the head ladies I saw for Turkey Day. Some of them have diffuser bracelets and I wanted to see how well I knew them.

  • C- a classic starter scent with a bit of sensuality and relaxation. A vanilla base with lavender, and ylang ylang. It’s lightly diluted in jojoba/maracuja oil blend. This sister is tricky. I often find myself not knowing what she likes, but this hit the nail on the head. Perfect.
  • I – the scent of a luscious flower. Ok. So her middle name is Rose. I started with a vanilla base, added rose absolute, and topped off with some ylang ylang. Not only a perfume, but a great addition to a winter skin regimen. And this is also lightly diluted with jojoba/maracuja oil.
  • T- an unexpected twist. Earthy. Slightly woodsy, but equally sweet. I started with the same vanilla base, added some cardamom, black pepper, some sacred mountain from young living, cypress, a touch of cedarwood, and some frankincense. At first she wasn’t sure if she liked it. And then, bam! All the notes came together on her skin. I am a miracle worker. And her perfume was my favorite. Very unisex. Maybe I have a perfume future? 🙂

Other oils – since we were driving, I didn’t have to worry about any liquid requirements, but I’d like to think we stayed in the realm of them. I brought my trusty lemon and tea tree. The lemon I used for drinking in the morning (do not mix with plastic), and as a shoe deodorizer. The tea tree has a million uses and it’s always good to have on hand.

Overall, I love the way I was able to reuse items laying around and didn’t have to purchase anything commercial. Of course, my family members think I am nuts, but you can’t win them all!

P.S. My infused essential oil pie was a freaking success! I didn’t need to add any extra spices! And for that, I’ll give myself a high five and buy myself a bottle of wine. For one. Because, damn, I deserve it! 😀

Happy Trails!


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