Life Happens!

I sit here cuddled under a scarf that has sleeves, sipping on some delicious craft cinnamon whiskey in a duck shot glass, and I realize it has been nearly two weeks since I have logged on to write.

Hi, there! My only excuse? Life happens! I began a new job that I am totally in love with (it’s the kind of place where duck shot glasses exist), we’ve gone through several (and hopefully final) rounds of sickness. No matter how much I was chugging acv with lemon and honey, I still caught a bug. The only cure? Rest. Lots and lots of rest. Something that is seemingly hard to do when you are going full force.

With learning the catacombs of new employment, dealing with sickness, recovering from the Holidays, and many, many cold and snowy winter nights, the time has just flown by.

It’s now time to focus on how to re-strengthen our immunity and clearing out the system. It’s so easy to just reach for and eat “convenience foods.” I’m now a year older and each passing year, I find that my body is not as young as it once was. I am also more in tune with what makes me feel terrible. It’s harder to pinpoint what makes me feel super fantastic, but I can definitely tell you what makes me feel like I am falling apart. Haha.

Hormone disruptions. I could say Dairy, but it’s not all dairy foods (cheese and butter do not bother me). Or soy. Or even fake Vitamin D. My body after having a child is even more sensitive to things that disrupt hormones. The skin is not as happy as it once was. My diet has a lot to do with it, too. And my water intake.

Cheap booze. Call me crazy, but that cheapo champagne makes me feel like death. The next day my joints ache… ???

Greasy food. Even “healthier” options of potato chips… or even french fries. I can’t do the oils that most are cooked and fried with. I have read that canola is a hormone disruptor.

Chocolate (mostly chips). That is, milk chocolate with soy. It is very difficult to find alternatives. I usually find them on Thrive Market or even Amazon. But it’s not easy. And flipping expensive.

Coffee. I hate the way it makes me feel and how I can’t drink it black. I have tried and tried. Sometimes in dire need, I will sweeten with maple syrup and coconut milk powder. But at that point it’s a sugary and fatty meal. I have tried bullet proof. But it requires extra effort and clean up and isn’t work travel friendly– when I am out the door rushing.

With that being said, there are a few things that usually make me feel great (possibly placebos) if I continually reach for them and make a habit out of it.

Prebiotics and probiotics. The prebiotic part is found in natural foods… like acv. The probiotic part I find in fermented foods and drinks, or even pill form. They align the gut and they make you happier. My only caveat with the pills are the soy… I have to be careful. Even trusty brands contain it. Sigh.

Maca root. It tastes awful. But I stuff it into those extra large, empty, gelatin capsules (I also do this with ingest-able essential oils and acv sometimes). I once saw a video of this lady who was jumping around without coffee and she wouldn’t stop talking about maca root. And here we are. Maybe it’s a placebo, but if I take three of those pills, I feel a tad better.

Ashwagandha. See above. Sometimes I go to the dark side of the internet and come back with product. It apparently helps ladies and their lady problems and allows you to have a better nights sleep. Again, when I was at a very stressed out job that was solely sitting, I took these two supplements and felt less achy. My current job is rarely sitting and lots of running around. I may need to up my game.

Turmeric. It’s only good hidden in some quality Indian food. Enter those gelatin capsules I was telling you about. There’s a lot of talk about turmeric and what it can do with inflammation. I haven’t taken it enough to see an effect. I will report back on this later.

Gelatin. I sound like a weirdo, but when I take gelatin (again, in a capsule), my joints hurt less… and pop less. Plus, I can make some homemade Jell-o, gummy bears, or marshmallows any time I want. 😀

Tea. I have to wean myself off of the coffee train. It’s turning me into less of a morning person. And a zombie. Tea is a great alternative and depending on my preference, I can drink it all day, switch to herbal, and know I am counting toward my daily water intake. It’s a win! Plus, I am obsessed. I received an Amazon gift card for my birthday and spent it on tea.

Real Food. All supplements aside, good ol’ wholesome food is the key to making anyone feel better over time. This is the hardest part after the Holidays/in the Winter. It’s so easy to reach for prepped foods. That’s where meal prepping on your one day “off” can really help. I feel that I am always racing to beat the impeding darkness of the day. Once the sun goes down, I turn into a pumpkin.

Exercise. This one. I don’t do this one. I should do this one… Running around my new job, taking care of ducks, and chasing a 17 month old counts, right? I’ve noticed my body feels fantastic even after five minutes of stretching. I should treat it nicely, again. Even when I would go to the chiropractor, they would make me do stretch and strength training exercises to support my back.

Regardless of what I should or should not do… accountability is key. Maybe posting it on the interwebs will allow me to be more conscious of my decisions? For the next week though, I will continue the turtle speed at home. R&R and taking it easy is what Winter is for. Maybe I will change my mind if the Groundhog sees his shadow. 😉

Happy Resting.


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