Baby Stuff

I thank Google everyday for helping me raise my little one. Not everyone has a village.

Here are three issues/products that I have come across in the last year and a half of little miss’s life that I want to share with you.

Cradle cap cure. My favorite comment on my daughter (besides how cute of a boy she is– reminds me to bust out the pink stuff once in a while) has been, “Awww, she has freckles on her forehead.” Haha. She doesn’t. It’s severe cradle cap. But thanks for thinking it’s cute! It doesn’t bother her and the doctor always assures me that it’s nothing to worry about and it goes away on its own. But at her 12 month check up, it is still there and her hair isn’t growing quickly on the top of her head. Enter research. Lots and lots of reading.

I found coconut oil (you can even find the organic kind at Aldi). However, we blondes can never get away with a little hair oil. Our hair never looks shiny, only greasy. Greasy and dirty. I coated her scalp with it several times and then let it work its self out. It didn’t work too well. Getting it off was a little taxing as we use very gentle baby shampoo. I then read to use baking soda (aluminum free preferred– Bob’s Red Mill is a great brand).

The combination of coconut oil and baking soda do wonders on her scalp! We lather on the coconut oil about 30 minutes prior to bath time and then do a about a teaspoon of baking soda mixed with water as a paste and gently rub it in a circular motion on her head. Then we rinse. And that’s it. It tackles the cradle cap wonderfully. It doesn’t prevent it from returning, but it does work. And as long as you are keeping up with it, it stays away.

Update: Now that her hair is growing out, it’s almost all gone. Occasionally, we see a flake or two, but it’s manageable.

Baby powder. My darling friend is a whiz in the cosmetic kitchen. She makes everything from baby butt balm, to baby powder, to deodorant, to basically, everything!!! She gave us an adorable kit of natural baby products at our shower and I still use them to this day. Her baby powder (also makes a great dry shampoo) is made with few ingredients– arrowroot powder and essential oils. That’s it. Very simple. VERY effective.

Baby butt balm. Diaper rash is inevitable. The moment you change your baby, the moment the line turns blue again. My friend’s amazing butt balm ran out very quickly so I was forced to make my own or find an alternative. No offense to her amazing products, but this 2 ingredient combination literally cleared up Elle’s diaper rash in one sleep. ONE SLEEP. Overnight. I couldn’t believe it and I found it on accident. It’s made with coconut oil and Young Living’s Gentle Baby Essential oil blend. That’s it. I also use it to moisturize her… and I could use it on her cradle cap, too. It’s an everything balm that seems too good to be true, but it is!

Update: Now that she has some form of eczema on her cheeks, I use this stuff there too and it helps keep some of it at bay until we figure out if it is milk, wheat, or soy related. Oh the joys of parenthood!

Happy Baby!










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