Selflessness and Success

To want someone to succeed and to help them do so, in my opinion, is an act of selflessness. They always say to be with someone that makes you feel the way you do when you see your favorite meal. And as much as I love tacos, I say, be with someone that no matter what happens, they want to see you succeed. 

Sometimes people become so selfish and self-centered that they don’t realize that you’re a team. Or they are always looking for a way to improve themselves or to get ahead without taking into consideration the other person. Maybe I am just sensitive and get hurt a lot. 🙂

No matter how much he may want to strangle me, Keith is always willing to help me with the ducks. The ducks, were solely my initial idea. And while they are not a ton of work, they do require you to worry about them constantly and to brave the wintry elements. But there he is, out in a foot of snow, or 6 degrees below zero making sure the ducks are fed their grains, fruits, and veggies, with heat at night and a heated water bowl to drink during the day (they’re spoiled)… AND he makes sure the eggs don’t freeze. He’s a very good duck Dad.

At Christmas, I posted on how we usually give each other less than 5 gifts; and if we can, one is a handmade item. Well this year, Keith made me a neck/lumbar pillow from scratch. He found vintage striped fabric, a zipper, and leather pieces and turned into something cherishing-ly beautiful… and comfortable. Eventually, when/if we decide we need to do the circle of life to another male duck, I’ll have enough feathers for this pillow. For now, it is filled with cotton.

To get to the succeeding point, a week or two ago, I received a small package in the mail from overseas. Inside, was my logo on a wood/leather branding rod. He ordered it for me for my birthday. How amazing is that?!?! I currently have no business intentions, but if I do, I have a way to make tags! Maybe he has the intention to sell pillows?! Haha. He is a very good craftsman. I always wonder, “Is there anything this guy can’t do?” This guy loves me enough to watch my hobby succeed. To selflessly give and donate his time in order to create something together.

So here’s a first product! A neck pillow made with love that will eventually contain our own resources… our duck feathers. And then nothing would have gone to waste (the bones are still awaiting a duck broth receipe– coming soon)! I owe that guy some homemade chocolate chip pancakes or… ooo! Even better, homemade chocolate chip brioche made with duck eggs!

Happy Brooding Success!













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