Healthy Chocolate?

Gotcha! Or maybe I should say healthier chocolate? I am a sucker for chocolate. But, most of it has been found to contain soy. Lots and lots of soy. Or sometimes even heavy metals depending on the soil.


As I have mentioned before, soy is my enemy. I have been reading a big difference lately, too, in cocoa versus cacao. I always just used to jokingly say the later as a quote from Portlandia… “Our safe word is cacao…” Haha.

During the holidays, someone gave me a box of chocolates, and while I did eat them, my face broooooke out! I even stopped watching what I was eating and between the sugar, soy, and heavy cream, my poor face was a teenage nightmare again. We’re slowly starting to recover from it. It takes awhile. Anyway… my 18 month old daughter found that box of soft chocolates in arms reach. And she went crazy! That girl loves chocolate. Now, when we see or say the word, she is in on the conversation and wants to know why she hasn’t had any yet. I’m telling you, this girl is a chocolate fiend.

So what can you do? Make some flourless brownies! Yes, it’s a thing. There are so many recipes out there. I used one that was strictly cocoa powder, maple syrup, coconut oil, and eggs. It was a tad dry. But then I realized I cooked it longer than it needed to be. I was trying to make it more cake like and less fudge like. The batter prior to adding eggs tasted just like pudding. A guilt free way to eat cake batter if you cook it like hollandaise sauce!

I then started messing around in the kitchen. I mixed honey, ground cacao nibs (I recommend powdered now that I have tried this), and coconut oil (MCT oil– it’s tasteless). It was delicious! I dipped pretzels with it and rolled it into little balls and put them in the fridge. Then Elle and I just ate them and felt less bad about the whole experience. Plus, no breakouts! I didn’t measure exactly either, which in my opinion, is half the fun! So if you are clean eating and avoiding soy, give any combination of these a try! My other favorite flourless way is using black beans and dates!

Happy Tasting!

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