More duckaroos!

We picked up two more khaki campbells (I can already tell one is a boy and one is a girl– super powers). Like actual children, you quickly forget how messy they are and how fast they grow. Now that we completely skipped over Spring and are heading straight into Summer, we’ll see how they interact with our other khaki campbells… (UPDATE) and… well, they hate each other. It’s pure anarchy in my experience with these khakis, especially the boys.

I have been reading more and more about the temperament of these ducks, and I grow sadder and more discouraged. From the moment we got our baby ducks, I made sure to get them acquainted with me. We even purchased these ducks sooner and have kept them in an oversized bin in the living room. It encouraged us to pick up and greet the ducks several times a day in hopes they became less nervous. Sadly, this doesn’t work. I’m not sure how it would even work if they imprinted on us if we watched them hatch. It is just their personality. My docile duck dreams are now dead, temporarily. Though I have seen some amazing, yet expensive, online hatchery farms that have other duck breeds besides a Pekin that is a more kind, docile bird.

Don’t get me wrong, I looove our prolific laying khaki campbells. I just wish I could pick them up and love them! Haha. “Why won’t you love me?!?!” Forget Dad issues, this gal officially has duck issues! 😂

My new dream bird? A welsh harlequin. Not only is it fun to say, sounds fancy, but it is a beautiful and apparently cuddly bird. And don’t I deserve two cuddly female ducks? Now, if we could only get the husband on board– next year.

Happy Babies (they’re no longer babies)!


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  1. Laura says:

    Fun !! I need ducks in my life.


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