Happy Anniversary!

Happy Anniversary to us!

One year of blogging, though April was bypassed due to constant bronchial sickness, a spout of ennui, and a bit of melancholy (it happens every year)– sounds like a witch’s spell. Haha!

In one year, I have gained a vast amount of duck knowledge, realized I really suck at some things while excelling at others, and continued to hold it together (or at least pretended). Have you seen the meme where everything is on fire and the person smiling says, “This is fine. I am fine!”? That is a perfect depiction of the last year. And I’d like to delve more into it.


Yay ducks! We are now a family of four, soon to be a three member family. Boy ducks fight too much and are very… well… um… rape-y? I know it may be their nature that they can’t share females, but something’s gotta give here. I now know to only get sexed ducks in thw future. It will make life easier.

Yay camper! I escape. Even in the driveway. Best $2,000 we ever spent. I hope to “camp” it up some more. Not a glamper. More vintage summer camp.

Yay gardening! We are sprouting new things we didn’t have last year! Sunflowers, watermelon, loofah sponge, and garden beans just to name a few.

Yay creations! I make awesome coconut creamer, maple marshmallows, and coconut “nice cream.”


Boo people! On a personal front, I have been letting go of humans. I am losing respect for them as a whole and am fathomed by how many pieces of human garbage I know.

Boo duck behavior! Again… I just wanna squeeze them and love them. Not chase them through jagger bushes cursing their existence while they beat the crap out of each other. Sigh.

Boo plants that I accidentally killed! R.I.P. Yaupon. Good bye Brussel sprouts. Grapes? Are you still there?

Boo remembering to take pictures and write about it! My computer had Vista and it no longer supports the world wide web… seriously. It’s not a good excuse; until I get a laptop, it’s actually difficult to post via the phone. UPDATE! I purchased a chromebook for myself for Mother’s Day! That resolves one less taxing life issue.

All in all, things are wonderful. We are continuing to learn, grow, and shaping our five year plan. As much as I complain about the ducks, I really want a hobby duck farm. I know, I’m crazy. But a duck farm to support a rural lifestyle sounds more than ideal to me as I age.

Happy Anniversary!

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  1. Laura says:

    Love this update. Reminds me to just keep plugging away. Can’t wait to write my one year update next March !


    1. Thanks, Laura! Keep on, keeping on! 🙂

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