Patience is a virtue!

Sometimes I dislike any “timeline memories.” They can be a let down if, for example, Spring never exists and you go straight from Winter to Summer.

Previous years (starting in May), I had a plethora of strawberries in tow, little peaches growing vigorously, tomatoes half the size of my fist, and, the list goes on. This year, I thought I was doing something incredibly wrong.

Yes, some of our items we killed, but we nurtured other hardy plants and were becoming more discouraged of no signs of life. Even my seedlings this year are quite sad in comparison to previous years. But, patience. I have to remind myself to stop comparing, even myself to myself.

This year, may be a very short growing season, or we may have an Indian Summer. All I know is the Farmer’s Almanac was WRONG! Haha. And that’s ok. Walking around Ferngully, I finally see some valiant effort. There are flowers on the blueberry bushes, the strawberries, one tiny bud on the peach tree, an echinacea flower, and some other little beauties all around the yard.

The flowers that I usually give credit to Easter have finally moved on and now the rest of the Spring flowering crew is here. Even our Peonies (or as I call them ant flowers) are finally ready! It makes me feel so full of life and now ready to start that Sunflower field! WHAT. WAS. I. THINKING?! The tiller needs fixed in order to get the project up and running. Hopefully, next week. I just wish my poppies were in bloom, but I started the seedlings waaay too late.

Happy Summer Day!

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