A Million Ideas

Until I acquire something that will pay the bigger bills, I will talk about dreams. Because, dreams are good. And need just as much thought, effort, and validation for happiness as does anything else in life. Dreams keep us focused on what’s important. And we incorporate them with our goals to reach a higher life happiness. ๐Ÿ™‚

Only unemployed for a week, my brain has mulled over a million potential future options. Many involve being my own boss and being mobile. But, is it practical, does it serve a need here where I live now, and can it transfer to where we are going with our 5 year plan?

Side note: I met a guy on an airplane today. He told me I was a little weird. And I jokingly said I need to move to Vermont, because they’re equally weird. He agreed with me and then proceeded to tell me he lived there for 17 years and I would not regret the decision in the slightest. That gave me so much hope and inspiration. Thank you, Jason! Sorry I called you an a-hole. I know you appreciated my humor! ๐Ÿ™‚

I purchased a camper last October. And while I have plans to renovate it for personal use, I couldn’t help but think how a business could be run out of one, or even a modified horse trailer! This initial idea came to me when a local coffee shop (it was in a terrible location) announced that it was going out of business after only 8 months of operation. I suggested they make it mobile. Paying any permits is waaaay cheaper than managing a location with rent.

There once was a lady who called herself Lemonade Lady. She had a little cart and traveled to fairs/park events only a few times in the summer and made enough to support herself the rest of the time. She has since moved away. Can you imagine a teardrop camper painted like a lemon and rented out for events? That would be adorable. But do people like lemonade as much as I do? Would it be profitable?

I wonder how I could incorporate anything related to what we do at Modern Day Homesteading? We can do the crafty essentials, such as soap, bath bombs, but is that enough? I could go the eco-friendly route and learn to make more things, but would I be wasting product? I could finally learn the secret life of bees and have a honey caravan. Or perfect egg nog, hot chocolate, and cookies and partner with Christmas tree farms for a Mrs. Clause camper extravaganza. Deck out a toy hauler and sell antiques? Haha. I’m all over the map here, but I know enlightenment is on the forefront of the brain, just waiting to be discovered.

At least I have these dreams and thoughts to keep me going. Maybe it will come to me when I am sitting on top of a mountain tomorrow.

Happy thoughts!


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