Enjoy the Little Things!

They say it takes two weeks to make a habit. Never in my life would I have ever considered myself to be the “house-wife” I am today, but I’ve mastered the routine of a cleanly home– and it’s slightly freaking me out. We even make our bed– who am I?

Take today for example. I spent the day enjoying the little things with my little one. It was seemingly the most effortless day. We read books, painted pictures, sang songs, worked out– she watched me work out. I did laundry, dishes, and picked up after her for the millionth time. She “helped” me with the ducks and to clean out my car. We also played with sidewalk chalk, made a delicious stew for dinner, and banana bread for dessert. The end of the night, we introduced her to Aladdin. She then took a bath and went down without a peep.

I wasn’t expecting anything other than the usual from this day (me trying to find the energy to complete the most simple chores), but two weeks ago, I came back from my New Hampshire hiking trip and decided to conquer life in whatever way I could. It still is a mental struggle trying to regenerate oneself for the workforce. It takes a lot of energy and time. And I am starting to see the true nature and colors of people. But, none of that mattered, today. Today was a freaking perfect day.

Our near 23 month old is the perfect reminder of what life should be. It sounds so cliche. But she is constantly yelling at us, “NO PHONE!” As I have a habit of checking my email excessively (trying to find a job will do that to ya– haha). She’s absolutely right. Sometimes no phone is best. As is no email. No blog posts and no personal Facebook account (it feels soooo good not to have one– again, two weeks strong and I don’t really miss it).

We have even managed to organize (I’m talking label maker, here) every single drawer in our living space. Decluttered EVERYTHING! Much of my anxiety surrounding clutter and stuff is gone. There are a few more areas to tackle, but it’s so nice not having to wonder where something may have disappeared. Everything (for the most part) has a home– again, I am not sure who this new person is, but I like her around. 🙂

Happy Habits!

you are lovely

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