Truth Serum

Hey, hey, heyyyy! It’s been a wild two months sans blog post. What can I say? We’ve been crazy busy!

The sunflower field is no longer. Though, I hope to gain at least a dozen flowers in the next week from the 750 that I planted.

I ate 4 deeelicious summer scallop squash straight from the garden.

Our sugar baby watermelons went into shock.

We have some pumpkins growing!

Our spaghetti squash was devoured and deeelish!

We had other summer crop/homesteading woes and some gains that we weren’t expecting.

Why share? Well, it’s been over 2 months (found a pretty well paying “job,” btw), and I’m inebriated. Currently. Alcoholic, I am not. But relaxed, two shots in kind of tipsy. Truth serum. The part of the evening where secrets and dreams (usually amongst friends) are shared. A place where your inner dreams and desires lend a hand to a deeper part of the mind… whoa. That sounds philosophical. Haha.

Tonight, I spent the last 30 minutes, before deciding to finally check in and write this post, to look at (once again) Vermont properties. That state needs me. And I need that state… at least affordable property there.

My heart and bones lust and ache constantly to return. It’s my one true love… in the sense of living in a location.

And it must be true if I say this 3 tequila (keto) shots in… (I’ve had another since we last typed). Did I mention? 8 lbs down on this keto thang?! If you know me, you’ll know dieting is not a thing I do. It’s been incredibly easy. As long as I follow the plan.

Tangent, tangent, tangent. That’s the agenda for the evening. Here’s hoping you are judge-free and can keep up.

MotherEarth News Fair is this weeeeekend!!! I look forward to it every year. I get so inspired and learn so much stuff. I meet incredible people, acquire new skills, and become more inspired. Here’s hoping I don’t hog the apothecary lady’s time this year.

What else? I have a toddler with a mind of her own that never sleeps. She’s cute… but sooooo darn mean! I deal with more than just tantrums, but also frequent jabs to the throat.

So I can honestly say, the below pic I’ve been looking forward to all week. It’s sugar-free lemon-lime soda with Patron and a squeeze of lime. Soooooo tasty!

Happy “Mommy Time.”



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