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What is Modern Day Homesteading?

Too often, I receive inquiries from others wanting to know the “WHYs” of what I am trying to accomplish (insert eye rolls– from me, because I feel many get the wrong idea about what we are trying to do). Continue reading “What is Modern Day Homesteading?”

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Are You (Soap) Nuts?!?!

Have you heard of these little miracles of awesomeness? A berry that can wash things?!?! GET. OUT! I’ve been playing around with soap nuts, soap berries, or whatever you want to call them for a few years now. I was first introduced to them when I tried going “no poo” with my shampoo routine, but I have very coarse hair and ridiculously hard water… it was a “no” from me. My city water friends have raved about their valiant efforts. Continue reading “Are You (Soap) Nuts?!?!”

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We Hit the Mega, Mother (Earth News) Load!

Last Saturday, the crew went to Seven Springs Resort to witness the Mother of all Homesteading-type trade shows, the Mother Earth News Fair.

Hundreds of vendors with thousands of products, ideas, and knowledge.

As a first timer, I had no idea what I would be in for and I can’t wait to attend next year. I learned so much and found so many amazing products. I wanted to share them all with you.

20170916_150301 Continue reading “We Hit the Mega, Mother (Earth News) Load!”

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Crackers and Cheese? Yes, Please!

What do you do when you have leftover almond pulp? You can make cookies, incorporate it into oatmeal, or (my favorite) make some cheese crackers!!! I literally have no idea what I am doing; but sometimes a fun, messy trial and error in the kitchen produces a wonderful result! And sometimes it doesn’t (I failed at making my own tortillas– will try again). Continue reading “Crackers and Cheese? Yes, Please!”

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A Dramatic Death for Duck Post

Part of the Homesteading process is acquiring animals; though, I am sure you can have a vegetarian homestead. When you have animals, however, you have a higher sense of responsibility to take care of another living being. Something with a pulse. You grow attached, you may name them, and one day that life comes to a savage end by a fox. Continue reading “A Dramatic Death for Duck Post”

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Brown-nosing Beauties

When I first started my job (almost 2 1/2 years ago), there was a very unsightly picnic table in the back of the building, underneath a tree. It was in very poor shape and the local kids had their way spray painting unmentionable things all over it (like Charlottesville unmentionable things). The damage was then covered up by purple spray paint. I am telling you, this thing was a gem… haha. My boss asked if anyone had a way to remove it. He was tired of seeing it from the conference room window. Being a new, perky, effervescent employee, I jumped the gun and said my husband had a truck and would be more than happy to remove it. My boss was ecstatic, Keith was not so much (he hates when I volunteer him for stuff– I tend to do it more than I realize).

Continue reading “Brown-nosing Beauties”

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Welcome Home!

After a few months crammed into an oversized storage bin (they had more than the recommended amount of room, trust me), our not-so-little ducklings are moving on up!

Continue reading “Welcome Home!”