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Brown-nosing Beauties

When I first started my job (almost 2 1/2 years ago), there was a very unsightly picnic table in the back of the building, underneath a tree. It was in very poor shape and the local kids had their way spray painting unmentionable things all over it (like Charlottesville unmentionable things). The damage was then covered up by purple spray paint. I am telling you, this thing was a gem… haha. My boss asked if anyone had a way to remove it. He was tired of seeing it from the conference room window. Being a new, perky, effervescent employee, I jumped the gun and said my husband had a truck and would be more than happy to remove it. My boss was ecstatic, Keith was not so much (he hates when I volunteer him for stuff– I tend to do it more than I realize).

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Homesteading, Modern Day Homestead, Modern Day Homesteading

Fermented Fabulousness!

Beyond alcohol, there is a fermented craze happening. Everything from fermented veggies to kefir water to apple cider vinegar to kombucha. The newest ways to satisfy gut health is slowly becoming a revolution (seriously, stop eating commercial yogurt, though[there is waaay too much sugar and not enough probiotics]). You can be a part of this gut health parade or sit on the sides. But you wouldn’t be reading this if you weren’t even the slightest interested in wanting to be a part of it, right? 😉 Continue reading “Fermented Fabulousness!”